Paul Laptop Briefcase Bag


Handcrafted with Heart and Passion
Each bag comes with the story of the woman who made it


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Picture yourself navigating the bustling city streets with effortless elegance, the supple leather exterior exuding a luxurious sheen that only improves with age. The rich texture of the leather not only adds a touch of refinement but also provides durability to withstand the rigours of daily life, ensuring your briefcase ages gracefully while maintaining its innate charm.

Open the thoughtfully designed compartments, and you’ll discover a meticulously organised interior tailored to accommodate your every need. A dedicated padded sleeve cradles your laptop, offering both protection and easy access, while multiple pockets effortlessly house your essentials – from pens and business cards to notebooks and chargers. Embrace the harmony of form and function as you effortlessly transition from boardroom meetings to creative brainstorming sessions, all while exuding an air of polished professionalism.

The attention to detail extends to the fine stitching and polished hardware, elevating the overall aesthetic of the briefcase. The robust yet supple leather handles and detachable, adjustable shoulder strap provide versatile carrying options, ensuring comfort and convenience throughout your daily endeavours.

Whether you’re a seasoned executive, a creative professional, or a tech-savvy entrepreneur, this leather laptop briefcase is more than a mere accessory – it’s a statement of your discerning taste and commitment to excellence. Elevate your daily routine with a touch of luxury and practicality, making a lasting impression wherever your ambitions take you.

Size in Inch

15.5 W x 11 H x 5 D inch


Size in CM

40 W x 28 H x 12 D cm

8-10 working days for delivery.

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No, hides come from animals raised for food. This accounts for 99% of the world’s leather.

The main sources of animal hides are cattle, sheep and goats. Their skins are a valuable global resource and, thanks to tanners’ and manufacturers’ skills and knowledge, they ensure this versatile material does not end up in landfill.

Current estimates put this at a saving of 7.3 million tonnes for cattle hides alone and around 10 million tonnes in total per year. That is a lot of potential waste being transformed into a versatile, usable material.

Yes. It converts waste from the food industry that would be otherwise thrown away, to make products we use in everyday life.

Leather keeps around 10 million tonnes out of landfill a year
Leather is long-lasting
Leather products are repairable
Leather can be recycled
At its end-of-life phase, leather degrades through chemical and biological means
The leather industry creates employment and skills for millions worldwide, an important defining factor in sustainability and the circular economy.

Vegetable tanning is an intricate, traditional method of tanning leather dating back to approximately 6000 BC. It is the oldest tanning method, it uses extracts from wood, and nuts of trees and shrubs. It usually takes longer to tan leather using this method, but the result is a leather with distinctive aesthetic and handle that ages beautifully.

Well-made and cared for leather products will last generations. This longevity together with repairability means that leather can make an important contribution to a society that is looking to consume less, and repair and reuse more.

Yes. Leather fibreboard is made by grinding up old leather and is used in shoes to create insoles and heel inserts and leather trimmings are used as stuffing for items such as punch bags. New composite materials are also being developed that incorporate ground up leather.

Are your leather products genuine?

100%. We make sure all our leather goods are made with selected vegetable tanned full-grain, the first layer or top-grain genuine leather, we never make bags with second layer leather, fake leather or any other poor quality leather. 

That's because each leather hide comes from a different animal and it's only natural for them to have some unique shade or tint. Remember we are talking real 100% genuine leather here? No fake stuff. On the better side, each product has its unique look and feel.


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