Our Story

Everyday Luxury had to begin somewhere

Our Vision The heart of Promise Bags

Our business was birthed out of a dream to give holistic freedom to women trapped in caste-based discrimination, poverty, and hopelessness.

While such discrimination is technically outlawed in India, it is still widespread. By its very nature, it robs of hope and creates a sense of powerlessness in the face of struggle. We are here to change that, one woman at a time – and with every child to follow.

With Promise Bags, the once ‘Untouchables’ (Dalit class) are now creating a brigther future for themselves and the generations to come.

Our journey begins

We founded Promise Bags with an ethos that centred around creating empowerment, not reliance.

In fact, it is this reason we are a business and not a charity – we teach people skills of economic value and focus on sustainable operations that are self-funding in perpetuity, so they gain independence and we can increasingly scale our impact. 


Promise Bags begins, employing just six women. Positioned alongside our Light Home children’s orphanage and school, it allows our staff to enjoy safe and reliable employment whilst accessing quality education for their children. The Promise Bags vision is coming to life!


As customers around the world have discovered our unique story and gorgeous leather products, our headcount doubles. We now employ 12 Dalit women.


Powered by an ambitious new vision, we engage pro bono partners to embark on a total rebrand, plus the design of our signature Promise Bags collection, helping us connect with a truly global market.


Our second chapter begins: our new brand and collection launches!

Several decades late

Boasting a network of stores spanning North America and a robust global eCommerce platform, Innove remains dedicated to bringing everyday luxury to communities near and far.