About Us

Welcome to Promise Bags

Promise Bags is a business that birthed out of dream to make poverty history in the lives our artisans, and communities.

We are based in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh state of South India. We manufacture high quality leather goods.

Employment is a tool for freedom. The unique power of a job empowers and gives dignity to women who have been trapped in poverty

We do this by providing employment in a safe, loving and caring environment. The women create beautiful and high-quality leather and jute bags while making their lives new. Women find pride and dignity in what they do.

The most important thing for us is to empower our artisans, treat them with dignity and pay much better prices than working under hot sun for long days on the fields.

Every bag is handcrafted with Heart and Passion. We produce 100% genuine leather bags. Each and every small detail is taken care. Every bag is handcrafted with Heart and Passion.

We see our success by how many people lives being transformed and made poverty history in their lives, rather than counting profits alone.

Uniqueness of our products is that each bag comes with the story of the woman who made the bag, which makes very personal. In the world of mass production, you get to know the maker (artisan) who made your bag. Is it cool…!

You are welcome to try a variety of our products to watch if they are suitable for your individual, family, group, church or for business needs.

We offer customization of products by personalizing them with logo, embossing names, initials or messages to promote your business and brand. We offer private label leather manufacturing.

25% of the profits go towards the Children Home and English Medium School for Dalit children. For the last 15 years we have been running an NGO, called LIGHT Society, more about the work at www.lightkids.org

Our hope is that everyone who purchases a Promise Bags appreciates the skill, determination, respect, dignity and love that go into making each individual bag.

Every bag you purchase helps to bring about a positive change in the life of artisan and children

Let’s get together to be a part of an amazing story.