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Why Jute

Founder Elisha GaruIn the present day people have become more aware of the need to save the environment. From individuals to companies everyone seems to be doing their own bit to do so. If you want to take an environment friendly step, then saying "No to Plastic" is the best thing to do. Single use plastic bags are also well known for their interference in ecosystems and the part they play in flood events, where they clog pipes & drains.


Plastic Facts

Plastic is a by-product of oil which is a very important natural resource. Plastic bags are almost impossible to degrade. Using plastic bags means destroying natural resources. Millions of barrel oil turning to plastic bags cannot be recycled. Future world will suffer very serious environmental misbalance due to the massive use of plastic bags.

  • Over 1 trillion plastic bags are used every year worldwide.
  • Less than 1% of bags are recycled.
  • It costs more to recycle a plastic bag than to produce a new one.
  • Marine animals consume plastic bags for food, they eat and the result is they die.
  • 1, 00,000 marine animals die yearly by eating plastic bags.

Say Yes to Jute Jute is often called "The golden fibre". Being derived from a plant, jute is biodegradable and does not pollute the environment. The production and the use of jute has little effect on the earth's energy resources. In short jute is Eco-friendly; durable & strong fibre being it's a shopping, packaging or fashion accessories jute has caught on in the world market.


Natural Jute

Jute Facts

  • th friendly natural fibre.
  • When you use 1 jute bag you can save 6 plastic bags in a week.
  • That is 24 plastic bags in a month.
  • That is 288 bags in a year.
  • That is 22,176 plastic bags in an average life.
  • If 1 out of 5 people do this we would save 1,330,560,000,000 bags over our lifetime.

Jute is one of the best gifts by the nature to keep the world green. Jute is 100% environment friendly & 100% bio-degradable friendly. Jute bags are strong, trendy and reusable. Jute bags can be reused over 500 times. In its life cycle it could replace 2000 plastic bags.


Few advantages of Jute Bags are as follows-

Eco-friendly: With the growing concern over the damage to the environment that plastic bags cause, Jute Bags are your ideal choice because these are made of Natural Fiber. It gives you an image of Eco-Conscious and aware human being.

Reusable: Jute Bags give your advertisement more visibility because they are Reusable. Your customers can reuse it even after they reach home, for their future shopping and packing needs.

Strong: Jute Bags are quite strong and can easily carry up to 15 kilograms compared to conventional carry bags.

Promotional Tool: One of the most salient use of the jute articles, specially jute shopping bags is as a promotional tool employed by various organization. Any kind of design, logo & imprint can be done

Elegant: Jute Bags look very elegant with their Natural Golden Color. They are also available in a wide range of colors. Any kind of design, logo & imprint can be done as required.

Cheap and Cost Effective: It is cheaper and cost effective and does not tax your pocket.

Durable: It is durable long lasting and can be subjected to rough use. It does not need regular washing with virtually no maintenance.


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