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Founder Elisha GaruSujatha Story

I make bags, but I'm not very good at making the finished bag. I sew the sides of bags and I also supervise tea breaks.  

I used to work in agricultural fields as a daily wage labour. I used to get 100 rupees per day ($ 2) when I work. Agricultural works are seasonal and half of the year there is no work. Even when I have work, I had to work under hot sun and sometimes even when raining. I had to drink whatever the water we could get on fields. It is not healthy. But I had no choice.

Being a Dalit (Untouchable) my life is even worse. We live outside the main village and treated very less. I always thought about breaking the poverty that trapped us for generations. But by working as daily wage labour, there is no way I can. But God provided me a way through Promise Bags.

My life is good, now it is very good. Sometimes I remember I was working in extreme weather condition without much break, sweating and harsh words of landlords. I've given up the hard long days of labour, I have freedom and peace.

I learned to sew bags. At first I was very frightened, I couldn't make good bags. I was given extra time to learn and someone sat with me for days helping me - now I can make bags. I have learned to sew all the different parts of the bags. 

I like work, it's good. I was very frightened, but now I have no fear and no worries. I can sew now, my wage is better too and my son has good food and is growing up well. He's learning to read and write well. My husband also helps me.
The women of Promise Bags have incredible dreams for their children, and we are passionate about partnering with our employees to ensure brighter futures for their children. Any employee can enrol in this program by contributing 50% of their child’s annual expenses while Promise Bags contributes 50% of the annual expenses. 

Promise Bags currently has 6 children enrolled in the School Benefit Program. Each child English medium education annual fee is $ 150. School Sponsorships cover costs for: admission fees, tuition, textbooks, school supplies, uniforms, shoes and schoolbag.

All employees of Promise Bags have medical coverage through health insurance, but in order to also ensure the woman can secure preventative care, Promise Bags provides Well Woman Checkups – a comprehensive health screening – for each woman upon completion of training and every other year thereafter for as long as she works at Promise Bags. 



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